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Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Many Other Industries

Electrical Engineering Solutions

At Baughan Engineering, we deliver comprehensive electrical engineering solutions designed to enhance operational efficiency and ensure safety across various industries. Our expertise spans a wide array of services including Indoor/Outdoor Lighting, where we provide customized lighting designs that enhance visibility and safety. In Electrical Floor Plan Layouts, we meticulously plan and layout electrical systems to support efficient and safe electrical distribution within any facility. Our approach not only improves energy efficiency but also integrates Single Line Electrical Diagrams and Motor Control Center Layouts to streamline operations and maintenance.


We Believe In Quality

Quality is at the core of everything we do. Our commitment to excellence drives us to deliver superior engineering solutions that exceed expectations.

Instrumentation Schematics and Hazardous Locations

Ensuring all systems are robustly designed to handle environmental and operational challenges.

DC Panel Designs and Power Systems Analysis

Optimizing your electrical infrastructure for peak performance.

Process and Mechanical Engineering Services

Baughan Engineering stands at the forefront of delivering innovative process and mechanical engineering services tailored to meet the rigorous demands of modern industries.  The Landfill Gas Facility Designs demonstrate our commitment to sustainable energy practices, optimizing gas capture and conversion processes. For intricate system requirements, we offer advanced Filtration, Control, and Metering Systems that ensure precision and reliability.

Engineering for Diverse Industries

Beyond traditional sectors, Baughan Engineering provides specialized engineering solutions across a broad spectrum of industries, ensuring versatility and expertise in each project.

Residential market

We enhance home safety and functionality through tailored electrical and mechanical systems.

Industrial & Commercial

Our services are tailored to enhance system reliability, increase energy efficiency, and reduce operational costs

Healthcare sector

we prioritize systems that support critical medical operations and patient safety.

Power, Utilities, & Mining

We deliver robust engineering solutions that withstand demanding operational environments, improving safety and productivity.

Renewable Energy & Power Generation

where we design systems that contribute to energy conservation and environmental protection, supporting the global transition towards renewable resources.

Providing For The Community And The World

Baughan Engineering delivers high-quality engineering solutions both domestically and internationally, adapting seamlessly to local and global market needs. Our commitment to enhancing infrastructure worldwide drives our innovative and reliable project execution, wherever our expertise is needed.

Meet Our Expert Team

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Energy Transition

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Managing Director


Managing Director

Baughan Engineering provides products and services for the power generation, oil, and gas indutstries; and specializes in filtration, compression, and power generation products established within the industry for over 80 years.

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