Authorized PECO Filtration Solutions

Leading Edge Filtration for the Oil & Gas Industry

Baughan Engineering is proud to be your authorized seller of PECO Filtration solutions, part of the Parker Hannifin Corporation – a global leader in motion and control technologies. With over 80 years of innovation, the PECO brand embodies the pinnacle of oil & gas filtration, offering a comprehensive range of products designed to tackle the most complex contaminant management challenges.

Why PECO Filtration is Essential

The oil & gas industry faces unique contaminant management issues, from solids and liquids to complex mixtures resulting in sludges, gels, and foams. PECO Filtration solutions are engineered to address these challenges head-on, ensuring the protection of critical equipment, minimizing downtime, lowering energy consumption, and maintaining product specifications within stringent standards.

Our PECO Filtration Product Offerings

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The PEACH Gemini PuraSep horizontal gas filter-coalescer is renowned for its superior performance, providing ultra-clean gas by efficiently removing solids and liquid contaminants. This innovative design combines the functionalities of a gas filter-separator and a vertical gas coalescer, offering high efficiency in challenging conditions without the need for two separate pieces of equipment.

Introducing the Titan PuraSep, a groundbreaking quick change filter-separator (Series 75) and dry gas filter (Series 70) that revolutionizes maintenance and operational efficiency. Featuring the EZ-Align® system, this design dramatically reduces cartridge change-out times by over 85%, showcasing our commitment to safety, ease of operation, and cost reduction.

Engineered for high flow rates and high dirt loading capacities, the Series 30 Gas Filters deliver unparalleled particle removal efficiency in a compact design, meeting the demanding requirements of modern oil & gas applications.

Designed for exceptional solids and liquids removal efficiency, the Series 89 Coalescing Filters leverage standard designs for quick delivery and cost efficiency. Utilizing Series NGGC Coalescing Filter Elements, these filters offer enhanced performance and superior dirt holding capacities.

The Series 77V Coalescing Filter and Series 85 Filter/Separator units represent the cutting edge in gas filtration technology. Utilizing PEACH® Technology and engineered media, these filters ensure high removal efficiencies, low pressure drops, and remarkable capacity for handling contaminants, making them ideal for rigorous oil & gas filtration demands.

Why Choose Baughan Engineering for PECO Filtration

Expertise and Support:

As an authorized seller, we provide not just products, but solutions. Our team offers the expertise to help you select the right PECO filtration system for your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Quality and Performance:

Trust in the PECO brand, known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and performance. With PECO’s advanced filtration technologies, you can protect your equipment and processes from costly contaminants.

Comprehensive Solutions:

Beyond selling filters, we offer a full suite of services including installation, maintenance, and support, ensuring that your filtration system continues to operate at peak efficiency.

Cost-Effective Operations:

PECO filtration systems are designed not only to meet but exceed your filtration needs, reducing overall maintenance costs, minimizing downtime, and improving energy efficiency.

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