Oil Field Services

Expert Electrical Engineering Services for the Oil Field

As a USFCR Verified Vendor, we specialize in providing superior engineering and design services tailored to meet the unique demands of the oil and gas sector. Leveraging years of experience and industry standards, we ensure our solutions are innovative, reliable, and aligned with our clients’ budgets and timelines.

Advanced Power System Design & Analysis for Oil and Gas Operations

Our team excels in creating efficient power distribution systems, including comprehensive backup power and motor control center layouts explicitly tailored for oil and gas operations.

Oil & Gas Lighting Solutions: Indoor, Outdoor, and Station Lighting

We design and implement state-of-the-art lighting solutions, ensuring optimal visibility and safety for oil and gas facilities.

Safety and Compliance: Hazardous Locations and Grounding Solutions

We prioritize safety and compliance in all electrical engineering projects because we specialize in hazardous location studies, station grounding, and conduit and cable designs.

Schematic Design: Control Panels and Instrumentation for Oil & Gas

Our expertise in AC & DC schematic designs and control panel configurations supports advanced control and monitoring of oil and gas processes.

Mechanical Engineering Innovations in Oil & Gas

From process flow diagrams to facility layouts and pipe stress analysis, our mechanical engineering services ensure oil and gas projects' operational efficiency and safety.

We focus on innovative methane mitigation and emissions reduction solutions, including waste heat recovery systems, to improve overall system efficiency.

Offering tailored tank battery designs, fabrication drawings, and reverse engineering services to meet the operational needs of the oil and gas industry.

Specialized Oil & Gas Services and Solutions

As certified Peco representatives, we provide industry-leading gas filter coalescers, separators, and scrubbers, enhancing the purity and performance of oil and gas operations.

Our comprehensive engineering services for compressor stations, metering, dehydration units, and renewable gas facilities adhere to ASME standards, ensuring quality and efficiency.

Our wide range of products and services, from control panels to preventative maintenance and regulatory compliance, is designed to enhance the efficiency and safety of oil and gas operations.

Equipment and Manufacturer Partnerships for Oil & Gas

Trusted Equipment and Solutions from Leading Manufacturers

We work with and have extensive knowledge of industry-leading manufacturers, such as Waukesha, CAT, Ariel, and more, to provide high-quality equipment and components essential for oil and gas operations.

Comprehensive Service: From Overhauls to Startup and Commissioning

Our services extend to equipment overhauls, inspections, diagnostics, optimizations, and startup/commissioning support, ensuring operational excellence and compliance with industry best practices.

Choose Baughan Engineering for Unmatched Oil & Gas Engineering Expertise

With a commitment to innovation, safety, and regulatory compliance, Baughan Engineering is your go-to partner for advanced oil and gas engineering solutions. Our team’s expertise and experience guarantee that your projects not only meet but exceed industry standards.

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